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Gulf Migration


Gulf migration

Anthuvaan, Gulf Migration is a leading immigration agency that provides the best in class migration solutions to Gulf countries and the rest of the world. Anthuvaan Consultancy Services Inc. is a parent company of Magnum Migration. In Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Our successful clients base is diverse; we provide immigration services to all wards and more.

The Gulf Migration, Welcome! We are Anthuvaan Migration Services in the United Arab Emirates and Anthuvaan Consultancy, Staffing Services Inc. in India. Our company is 100% Canadian owned and is a unit of the Anthuvaan Consultancy Group headquartered in India. You can visit our head office website, www.Anthuvaanconsultancy.com. For more details on global services, we can offer to deliver you to your dream location.

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  • Providing world-class expert services
  • Our specialists provide complete peaceful rehabilitation programs.

Why Choose Us?

Migration from one country to another has become a common occurrence. This international migration contributes to sending and receiving to both countries, even though the contribution to sending countries is significant. We can see the contribution of migration to development at the family level and community level. At the family level, migration can improve household income, food, health, housing, and educational standards.

  • It gives us information about the latest immigration and education.
  • It registers us with the office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA).
  • I register as a Qualified Education Agent Counselor (QEAC).
  • We have solid knowledge and knowledge of migration law and practice.
  • What are the Career roles?

    If you live overseas and prefer the opportunity to live and work in USA, the first step is to get more information about your visa options. See Work Visa for Skilled Migration Visa Options. If you have a successful business abroad, a state or territory may nominate you to the government to establish or invest in India.

  • Check benefits of choosing our services?

    Our services is best services. I decided to emigrate because it has great social security benefits programs for migrants and their families. Bangalore educational and health facilities are among the best in the world and highly subsidized. Jobs are also available in Canada as the country offers many work opportunities to qualified and skilled migrants.