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Soft Skill Training


Soft Skill Training

Anthuvannn Consultancy, Training Soft Skill is not a skill that a manager can learn from a book; This requires hands-on experience. We bring leadership principles to life, teaching participants' skills they can quickly transfer to the workplace.

Anthuvannn Consultancy, Soft Skill Training workshops, programs and retreats provide experiences that will help participants internalize the Soft skills they have learned.

Training is a process of learning a sequence of ordered behaviours. It is the application of knowledge and provides people with an awareness of rules and procedures to direct their behaviour. It helps in bringing positive changes in the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the employees. Training is an investment in getting more and better-quality work from your talent.

Why Choose Us?

At Anthuvannn Consultancy, our goal is to design the right training program for our employees, supervisors, managers and executive Soft Skill team. Each program is developed and customized to "fit" the culture and needs of your organization. If you do not see any of the topics listed here that meet your organization's needs, New Focus HR can design a program for you..

  • What are the career counseling roles?

    Our consultancy career counseling services is not the key to building practical employee training as much relevant data as you can put into a binder and call it a training program. The key to building practical employee training is teaching only what we need to work on and teaching it on the correct gradient - reducing the learning curve and building on them while teaching the aspects of learning first unless you are teaching more advanced material..

  • Check benefits of choosing our services?

    For most small businesses, human resources consulting may never enter the playground. But once you have assumed a fixed point in both company size and profit margin, HR consulting suddenly seems like an attractive option. Our Anthuvannn consultations below explain some of the advantages of using HR.

    • Outsourcing HR Work
    • Employee benefits
    • Implementation of HR Tech
    • human capital management
    • Business Communications